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The EU is considering transferring human rights to robots if artificial intelligence (AI) becomes so powerful that droids end up thinking for themselves..

Thursday, June 23, 2016 by JACK CLARK -- WOMEN NEEDED ,,, MEN not WOMEN create Artificial Intelligence data inputs. 

electronic persons are just awesome

MIT Labs Working with Doctors

EU wants to give rights to robots! Machines would be allowed to trade money, claim copyright and force owners to pay into a pension as part of new proposals


Video Showcase e-People Rights 


Whole brain emulation (mind uploading) is concept of your long-term memory & copying it to a computational device to a software-based artificial neural network.

Should they have rights

ARTICLE: ePEOPLE @MIT Baby Assistants -  " ... maybe even help by collaborating in making challenging decisions,” says MIT professor Julie Shah

#InTheNEWS: Drone Experts From Las Vegas Defense Are #ePeople

Why are ePeople designed to resemble women? An easy to understand answer. Men designed and do not want to hurt feelings. Female voices & female faces of lifelike persons marketed  to men. CLICK

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